Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Penstemon Barrettiae (2)

A small cluster. I'm not sure if these plants are one plant clumped together or if they are several plants clumped together. They sure are nice, even this time of year when they don't have flowers. Notice the ground in the first picture. This is beside the Columbia River and probably once a flood plane.

This one area is very small, surrounded by the freeway and on-ramps. The plants are very vulnerable. It's a very windy site all year.

This next picture shows the seed pods from this year. The wind probably does a good job of scattering the seed.

The leaves are glabrous and glaucous! Glabrous means the leaves are smooth/not hairy. Glaucous refers to the waxy coating on the leaves that protects them from UV light and from drying.

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