Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm not sure how I got into making troughs. But this spring I made several. The big ones are 12 inches deep. I made some smaller ones too which would be the size of a 6 or 8 inch pot.

I have several Penstemon growing. A couple of them have flowered and produced seed. I also have plants bought from Garden sales in the spring.

Here's Penstemon Richardsonii. It is a small Penstemon that I bought from the Leach Botanical Garden. It grows locally and although it is a small plant, it is doing well.

Lewisia Nevadensis. This produced a bunch of seed and now it look as if it may flower again.

Below is a selection of Penstemon. Davidsonii to the left. I have two Davidsonii - var. Davidsonii and var. Newberry.

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