Thursday, July 31, 2008

Penstemon Barrettiae

This was the first Penstemon that I ever found in the wild. It grows in the Columbia Gorge just beyond Hood River. These photos were taken in mid May. Right now(July) the flowers have turned to seed.

The plants are somewhat rare and only grow in a few places. Although I did see it growing in a residential front garden on the Washington side of the Columbia.

The area where the plants grow can get very windy. It's cold and sometimes icy in winter, bone dry in the summer months and there's no shade from the bright sun.

Penstemon are my favorite plants and the ones I've purchased at Plant Sales have done well in Condon. I've found three different species of Penstemon growing in Gilliam County - Richardsonii, Deustus and Gairdniri.

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