Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Local wild flowers in July

Welcome to my blog about gardening in Condon, Gilliam County, Oregon. My garden is very new and I have plenty of room to try new plants.

This blog will also focus on local wildflowers. Todays post contains some photos of an Astragalus that I found in Gilliam County. There were several examples of this plant growing by the side of the road, mixed in with low grass. At the time I was looking for Penstemon which I also found growing nearby.

I'm not sure what species of Astragalus this is. If you know, be sure to email me! Some of the furry seed pods had ripe black seed inside. When the seed is ready the pods open up and the seed is released.

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Leigh said...


I thought that these were chicks?
Amazing photos of beautiful flowers. I look forward to seeing more.

Leigh :)